Game Jams

Play as a deer, and try to hold off the numerous waves of hunters, all gunning for you.

Play as a deer who has somehow acquired a weapon from a hunter, which can be used to fend off the waves of numerous hunters who are all gunning for you.

Your family has gone missing! And it's up to you to find them!

Play as Kiwi the Koala as she sets out to find her missing family. But watch out! There's danger at every turn. Hungry predators have begun to prowl the land, and a little koala would make a nice snack! Can Kiwi find her family and save them from being eaten?

How long can you survive while scuba diving?

Swim through the clear ocean waters, taking care to avoid the jellyfish and sharks who call the oceans home. Be sure not to touch them! And be careful, you have limited oxygen. Swimming through bubbles will replenish your oxygen slightly, and allow you to swim further.

This game was created over a weekend as an entry for the 107th Weekly Game Jam and the Mini Jam 33: Underwater.

Oh no! Bombs are falling upon major cities around the world! Can you pilot the chopper and destroy the bombs before they destroy the cities? If too many bombs fall, you will fail your mission!

Play through the story, protecting cities around the globe from the falling bombs. Or play the endless mode, and earn the highest score you can.

Created in Construct 3 for week 106 of the Weekly Game Jam.

Play as the Greek Goddess of Snow, Khione. Stripped of her immortality by her father Boreas and sent to the mortal world.

A village Elder does not believe your claim of godhood, and sets you a series of trials, during which you will gather followers. With each follower gathered and each trial passed, more villagers believe you to be a goddess.

Eventually, the Elder and the village will adopt you as their patron goddess. Will this be enough to reclaim your immortality? Or will you falter along the way?

An RPG style game created for the Greek Mytholojam 2018.

Created in a similar style to early Final Fantasy, Zelda and Pokemon games, the player assumes the role of legendary Greek Hero Heracles (otherwise known as Hercules).

Play as Heracles as you complete the fabled Labours for King Eurystheus, as penance for severe crimes.

A 2D platformer created for the Kenney Jam 2018.

The player traverses through different levels in time to defeat monsters invading Earth, who appear through portals which appear throughout history.