Day 7 of 100 Days of Game Dev

Day 7 of the 100 Days of Game Dev challenge.

In the last week, I have started work on one of my new projects for my fourth year of my Interactive Media course. A third person, 3D platformer, this project is being developed in Unity 2019.

So far, the player controller and camera controller scripts have been written and are fully functional, a 3d model has been sourced for the player character and I have began coding in some animations for the player, such as the walk and jump animations.

Overall, the 100 days of game dev challenge is going quite well. The next milestone is in a weeks time, day 14. Hopefully by then the work on the player character will be complete and work can begin on level design.

29/09/2019 18:06

Day 1 of 100 Days of Game Dev

Welcome to the blog for Allus Interactive

This first post coincides with the first day of the 100 Days of Game Dev challenge. This challenges game devs to do a little bit of game dev every day from today to the end of the year, 100 days from now.

Updates for each milestone of the challenge (today, day 7, 14, 30, 50, 75 and 100) will be posted here in my blog, while daily updates will be posted on my twitter feed, with the hashtag #100DaysofGameDev, and on my instagram feed whenever I have a screenshot/video/gif to post alongside my update.

To kick off my 100 days of game dev, I started a new project in Unity, a 3D platformer. I began working on a third person controller script for the player character. This project will evolve over the next few months and become a submission for one of my BSc (hons) classes.

23/09/2019 21:17