Current Project

Allus Interactive is currently developing two new projects in Unity. Both are being developed for my Interactive Media BSc (hons) course.

My first project is a 3D, third person platformer. This game is to be a 'serious' game, as defined by the brief given as part of one of my classes, and has underlying themes relating to climate change.

The second project is a 2D card game being developed as part of my dissertation. This project has been offered to me by a live client. As such, details are a little scarce just now. But I hope to bring updates soon via social media.

Latest Release

My latest release is The Deer Hunter. This game was developed for the Mini Jam 40, which ran for 72 hours from Friday 1st November to Monday 4th November 2019.

The Deer Hunter is a top down shooter and was developed for HTML5 and as such can be played in a browser on a desktop or laptop. It is available to play on here. Make sure to check it out!

Game Jam Games

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